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Optimize your simcity buildit layout from start

Do you know what is simcity buildit layout? I call it a city simulator. You should focus simcity layout from day one because this is the best way to optimize your game.

SimCity BuildIt Layout



In this article, I am going to share some more ways to build your city in best ways.


In simcity buildit game, pollution is really easy to control. Just maintain it by the perimeter of your urban areas. Many building will ultimately have a non-polluting model but won’t be unlock until late game. Always try to place water generating structure next to polluting things but keep in mind it won’t have an effect on water quality.


More park is better but few parks are needed to keep everyone happy. Parks always increase the population by the corresponding percent of the homes within radius. Increase in population means increase in taxes.

On other hand, entertainment and gambling is also one of the biggest reasons to increase population. Keep in mind to place it as soon as possible to increase profits.

FIRE, POLICE HEALTH (For Best Simcity Buildit Layout):

This is the most important part of simcity buildit layout. By the point you fill the entire city area, on the way to in all likelihood take years at everyday play rate, you’ll handiest want four of the largest fireplace, police and health facility service. Four hospitals wont be enough though and sims will protest so extra smaller version will have to be positioned in areas to calm the masses.



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  1. Can i Get the cheats sim city buildit cheats ? in reply of this message?

    1. Yes.. just use our free online tool

  2. ‎Patrick Stanley Jr.

    I’m Stuck on lvl 14. and I am having trouble making cash to please my people. What is the best way to make more cash.. I am looking to all options.. Also adding more neighbors does that help make more money?

    1. Stop building and upgrading! That just leads you to having to upgrade streets etc. If in debt, stop and focus on only producing. Produce things that come with a little cash. At l.14 that’s the chairs and planks if I’m not mistaken and veg? Just produce these constantly till you’re out of debt. I’d say wait till you’ve got some 20-25000 before levelling up again

    2. If people are abandoning the buildings, let them go, just focus on producing and selling till you can afford the largest service they want is. Fire, sewer

    3. The only way I know is to build more homes and upgrade when you are asked.

    4. Patrick Stanley Jr.

      well that is the problem.. it can be harder to do so when you making getting any more money.. like building the police departments, and landfills

  3. Christopher Williams

    Having a problem with simbuilld .. I’m not connected on fb because old city is I save with Google play
    Question is if I load city and disconnect will it let me reconnect with current city ? I’d appreciate help because fb is useless unless I can connect

    1. Generally it lets you choose between the two cities, the one saved last time by fb, and the other one last time on google, just select the last used (the one with more population)

      1. Start the game, and go to connect first by google and after by fb, it will ask you to choose between the last saves, just select the one you want, it will be saved on your fb save

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  5. In SimCity BuildIt, how important is it to build the airport?

    1. My english is not perfect but i though it was enough clear ^^ by unlocking the airport, you will be able to win special merchandises that are used to make the “french/uk/japanese” buildings. The same way you win keys with the boat, you win stuffs with the airport.

    2. It’s the difference between winning and losing

    3. The airport allows you to trade production items for certain hard to obtain upgrade prices, maybe not win and lose but definitely stupid or not.

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